AP Group is one of the most reliable, competent and professionally skilled Car washing Company in Qatar assuring quality work with extreme customer satisfaction. We care to provide you the best services and positive response to all types of car washing queries.


AP Group  has brought Vehicle washing business to the next level with an environmentally friendly and convenient car wash service. Thanks to its car wash Methodology; AP Group can run its business in literally any place. Therefore, AP Group has innovated this industry by presenting and delivering car washing services in a convenient way: Corporate client, Office & Residential area, at parking lots in Shopping malls, Supermarkets, wherever people park their cars when performing other activities.


Quality is the main reason for our instant success. We offer quality services to our customers, everywhere. This is the direct result of an exhaustive work in the definition and elaboration of a proper methodology, equipment, training, supervision and control.


Our reputation and market position is built upon our commitment towards providing the highest quality service at competitive price. Delivering a consistent better-quality service to our customers is our main aim. We at AP GROUP car wash invite you to experience the difference through our program, professionally designed for your needs.